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There are tons of brilliant motorcycling accessories available to the motorcyclist in Australia. But what are they? And do they work like the ads say?

Local knowledge is the key. Write to me about your favourite bike bit or accessory. What is the best accessory you’ve bought and why? And what makes it great.

This is about taking the reviews you see in the bike mags a bit further. It’s alright to use something for a few weeks or months. But how does a product stack up after you’ve spent your hard earned dollars on it and flogged it around the countryside. Let us know how your bike bits have stacked up after real use.

It might be luggage, GPS, clothing, lights, audio equipment, helmets, boots, hand grips, footpegs, handlebar risers, cruise control or ANYTHING. There are other motorcyclists out there who want to know about how your motorcycle accessory has performed.

Or have you bought a total dud that you want to warn others about?

You can write about it or I can interview you and record it. The important thing is your product  review highlights things like:

  • Does it do what it said it would?
  • Is it easy to fit?
  • What makes it better than your old one?
  • Are there dangers I should look out for?
  • Where did you buy it?
  • Was it good value for money?
  • Is there some fitting trick I should know?
  • What should I avoid?
  • How many models are there
  • Which is the best model to get?
  • What else do I need to buy to make it work?
  • Whatever you can think another motorcyclist is gonna want to know!

So c’mon fess up. What’s your favourite bike bit, favourite accessory or riding clobber. Or maybe you want to tell us about a problem you solved with a bit of ingenuity.

Simply send me your article to or contact me via the same email with your rough outline and phone number and we’ll set up a time to talk by phone and I’ll record it to post on the site.

Looking forward to your input. And sending you the cheque!


Andy Ireland

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