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I’d Love To Publish Your Ride Reviews!

Seriously, why not share and educate the listeners and readers about your favourite roads. There are thousands of brilliant motorcycling roads and highways available to the motorcycle traveller in Australia. But where are they?

Local knowledge is the key. Write to me about your favourite day ride or weekender. What is the best long trip you’ve done and why? It might be all bitumen or all dirt or a combination of the two.

Road Rider magazine quotes these statistics from a survey of their readers.

91% of readers ride at least once a week
51% of readers ride 3-7 days per week
76% of readers take off on an all day or all weekend ride at least once a month
41.3% of readers take off on an all day or all weekend ride at least once a week
or once a fortnight
72% of readers take off on a two or more day trip every six months

Considering their quoted readership is 87,500 per quarter (at time of their publication), that’s a hell of a lot of us out and about looking for somewhere to ride. They also say that 85% of their readers ONLY read Road Rider and you would assume that the statistics for Motorcycle Riders would be similar for the other magazines. Looking at the readership of the other magazines this means a crapload of riders out doing it at any given time!

You can write it or I can interview you and record it. The important thing is your ride review highlights things like:

  • Where it is?
  • How do I find it?
  • Is the ride better approached one way or another?
  • Are there dangers I should look out for?
  • Where are the fuel supplies?
  • Where are the pubs, coffee shops and best places to eat?  
  • Where should I avoid?
  • How long is it and how best to chunk it into pieces? (for the longer rides)
  • Points of interest?
  • Best sections to ride?
  • Transport sections?
  • Motorcycle repair facilities?
  • Motorbike tyre facilities?
  • Amount of Tar?
  • Amount of dirt?
  • Condition of tar and dirt?
  • GPS or Map co-ordinates?
  • Whatever you can think another motorcyclist is gonna want to know!

So c’mon fess up. What’s your favourite ride, favourite road or trip. Or maybe you want to tell us about a one off trip with your mates and the adventures and fabulous roads you covered.

Simply send me your article to or contact me via the same email with your rough outline and phone number and we’ll set up a time to talk by phone and I’ll record it to post on the site.

Looking forward to your input!


Andy Ireland

Simply check out the Rides on the drop down menus and have alook. Some are text only, some are text and photos. Some have audio and a few have audio and a screen capture video showing you the map as the review is spoken.

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I'm happy to accept reviews from contributors just like this one from Perth to Pinnacles by Bruce Tuffin.

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    A couple of months ago I interviewed Davo and he let out the bag he had just completed this ride and was waiting for the publishing treadmill to roll around to getting it in print. It’s a great read in the Jan/Feb issue of Australian Road Rider where Davo tells all about the trip and the bike.