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Ride Review: Horsham to Casterton, Victoria


Horsham to Casterton, a great ride.

In this video ride review Andy explores some of Victoria’s back roads and finds a couple of Victoria’s motorcycling treasures along the way. Ever wondered where the World’s Tallest Redgum Tree was?

Or, how about climbing to the top of one of Australia’s best rock faces on your motorcycle?

This route through the Wimmera region is a cracker and highly recommended. In fact if you’ve never been there, a trip just to see the view from Mount Arapiles is worth organising. It blew my mind the first time I visited and it continues to amaze every motorcyclist I take there when they work out they can ride to the top and only walk 50 metres.

Click on the arrow to play the video. give it a mo to start and enjoy the review and photos.



Thought I’d give this route a go when heading from Melbourne to Mt Gambier instead of the same old way.
If coming from Melbourne you must go to Halls Gap & take the turn off to Horsham. You will not be disappointed. Terrific views from Mt Arapiles. As for the Red Gum it is down the dirt road, Glenmia Rd. I only saw one sign for it. Watch out at the first corner. After going left it is then a very sharp right hander. Did 80/100 kph on a C50 cruiser. Just stay off the centre.The rain started as soon as I got there but it was stil worth getting wet. An aweinspiring tree indeed.

PS The video claps out at 5.42 minutes. You have to hit play again to finish it off.

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