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Postie Posse Movie!

Greg dropped me in the powerpoint of the 2007 postie posse. It looks a hoot! I've created a camtasia movie from it so hit the play button and sit back and watch some funny and very intersting stuff.

Comment from one of the participants:

Aaron Laister Says:

Gday all,
As one of the participants of this years postie posse I thought I would let you all know that it was a great success and a fantastic ride was had by all, we raised around $10,000 for the Child hood cancer association (Bradley’s Place).
We were greeted by all types of terrain from real sicky mud (not so good on postie bikes) deep sand , nice winding dirt roads to rocky roads that looked like they were built to kill postie bikes.

Its amazing what those little bikes will take and not one of us had any real problems apart from the odd flat trye (of witch I had two)and one blocked carby main jet.
And if your wondering? yes it will be on again next year , hope to see some of you out there. Guaranteed to have a great time for a great cause.

Cheers Aaron

I Replied:

Thanks Aaron,
Spoke to Kippo and he filled me in on some of the highlights and I’ll interview him shortly to get the full rundown. Even the bit about the old fella getting a bit puffed “your ole man”. Sounds like you all had a real blast and a great result with the money raised too!!

Kippo supported your view about the bikes being indestructable and reckons he held his flat for four days straight without a whinge. Knowing how he rides i’ve got no doubt he wrung the poor devils neck.

And you never know, I might get sucked in myself?