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I’ve ridden this road five or six times now over the last 8 years and I keep coming back to to my enjoyment factor and call it the best road I have ever ridden.

I haven’t ridden every road in Australia and am definitely low on knowledge of the QLD and WA stuff on offer. I have done a lot of touring in NSW, VIC and SA. Ridden such magnificent roads as the Oxley Hwy, Thunderbolts Way, The Putty Road, Reefton Spur, GOR (which I reckon is crap) numerous Alpine roads (both NSW and Vic) and of course many, many Adelaide Hills roads.

This doesn’t make me an expert, however it does give me something to base my vote on. I carefully considered my vote on these factors.

Surface Quality:


Ratio of Corners:




Overtaking Opportunities:



And of course the ability to have a coffee at the end and rave enthusiastically to anyone who will listen about the riding epiphany I had just experienced.

I have put it all in this video, it’s about 8 minutes.

And the road? You’ll have to watch it to find out



john stava

Yeah, I’ve ridden the road. It’s a ripper. Long and consistent. There are many other good roads in the area, but that one has the consistency, does not carry a lot of traffic and is in real good nick. As he says, no nasty surprises, apart from the possibility of wildlife.

Ben Bell

After a peaceful night in Tallangatta (october 2005), I spent a day riding in the area and I agree with your comments. That road is great fun it really puts a smile on your face. A few small towns where you can get a feed along the way.


Did this ride a couple of days ago but reverse direction starting near Tallangatta and going round through Corryong etc.
Granya gap is a highlight if you want a shortcut, or go over and back again for more fun.
But can be gravel spots there.
Local rider at Tallangatta said the cops are getting heavy round there lately. Haven’t seen them myself.

Neil G

I must agree with the video. Albury/Wadonga area is definately a hub for some of the best riding in the country.