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Harley Owners Group

Have you ever wondered about the history of H.O.G.?

In 2008 Mike Hess from Heavy Duty magazine sat down at his computer and phone and started researching the history of the Harley Owners Group. Mikes been around Harleys for a lot of years and I've known Mike for a lot of those years via the H.O.G. Group and travelled many miles together.

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Mikes been writing articles for Heavy Duty magazine for a while now and they both kindly allowed me to reprint this history here.

Mike found more than 30 milestones in the HOG History. I'll show you a few points from the article but you can download the whole thing from the link Hog History below.

Did you know?

1920: Ray Weishaar and the "Hog Boys" adopted a small pig as their unofficial mascot which led to the fans calling the team the "HOGS". (In 1999US courts ruled that "HOG" was a generic term for large motorcycles and therefore could not be a trademark. In 2006 H-D changed it's NYSE ticker symbol from HDI to HOG.

1986: Ladies of Harley is established.

1990: The first National HOG Rally is held in Dubbo NSW. The Adelaide Chapter South Austrlalia and the Darwin Chapter is formed.

2005: The 15th Australia National HOG Rally sets a world record as 2,000 riders encircle ULURU then travel to Alice Springs NT.

To fill in the blanks and learn way more about H.O.G. in Australia and New Zealand read Mike's article from the link below.

Download the whole article on Hog History here!