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Here’s my take on the motorycle journey between Port Augusta and Alice Springs.

I’ve done this route from Port Augusta to Alice Springs a few times now, mostly by bike and a couple of times by car. The route is up the Stuart Highway and goes through these towns: Watch the video for a full rundown on the trip. It is a bit bluury but follow on and you will get it all.

Port Augusta



Coober Pedy

Cadney Park



Stuarts Well

Alice Springs.

In the video I talk about distances, highlights, things to watch out for and where I usually stay. If your thinking about travelling up this way and haven’t been before I reckon you will get a bit of local knowledge to make your trip planning a bit easier.

If I’ve missed anything or you’d like to know more of something hit the comment button below and give me your comment. Please tell me if you like it?

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