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Ride Review: Wallhalla Region, Victoria

This ride is a must for any motorcyclist on the eastern side of Melbourne.

On a recent trip away (Jan 2008) with mate Chris, Andy found some sensational roads and rides close to Melbourne. If you are ever in the area make it a point to fit this one in and visit the Thompson Dam and surrounding district.

Home to Victoria’s Power Staion Valley it’s unbelievable so much beautiful country can be so close to major industry. Once you leave the Walhalla lookout the power stations are behind you and the country is sensational.

Listen and watch as Andy shows off some of Victorias great motorcycling roads.

You can base yourself at Bairnsdale, Sale, Traralgon, Moe or any of the small country towns around this area. It’s also an easy day trip from Melbourne. Andy always says” those Melbourne bastards have it bloody good”.

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Double click the arrow to play video. It may take a few moments to load and WILL go blank for a short time. Then sit back and enjoy, around 7 minutes.



Thanks for the ride report Andy. I’m heading over that way when I travel from Melbourne to Newcastle next month. You’ve basically highlighted all the roads I intend to travel in that area. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Daniel Lanza

Looks like fun, thanks for the report, been up Mt Baw Baw in a car not the most fun and i nearly went off at that corner, r all the roads sealed and wider then Mt Baw Baw with center markings? thanks