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Flinders Ranges and Outback “Postie Posse” 2nd November to 5th November 2007

My mate Greg Kipling (Kippo) loves his dirt bike riding and has combined his excellent knowledge of the local “outback” roads to create a Postie Bike Posse over 4 days covering some sensational outback roads and raising money for the “Childhood Cancer Association” to boot.

Day One: Heads out from Port Augusta to Wilpena Pound and Blinman (overnight)

Day Two: Blinman to Arkaroola to Leigh Creek then Lyndhurst (overnight)

Day Three: Lyndhurst to Farina then Andamooka and on to Woomera (overnight)

Day Four: Woomera to Port Augusta for lunch and farewells.

This looks like and will be an absolute cracker of a weekend. Kippo is a great organiser and has put a lot of thought into this run. You will cover some sensational Flinders Ranges roads and experience some “real” outback stuff as well.

The run is aimed at getting as much dirt road riding as possible and will be a mix of single track, public dirt roads and a bit of bitumen.

Kippo has put together an information pack with everything you will need to know and you can read on down below.

He tells you how to buy your Postie Bike, set it up and all about the run, including your entry form.


  FlindersRanges and Outback 

“Postie Posse” 

2nd November to 5th November 2007 


Saddle up your Postie Bike and join the Posse of fellow motor-psycho- lists for fun and adventure riding through the magnificent Flinders Ranges and Outback SA with some of the best scenery on earth! 


All monies raised will go to the  

Childhood Cancer Association for “Bradley’s Place”  

In memory of Bradley Walker. 


For more information and entry forms or to donate to this worthy cause call  

The “Sheriff” Greg Kipling 0419708164   



Are you ‘mail’ enough to ride a Postie? 


Thanks to Northern Motorcycles and Rossigns Port Augusta  


‘Postie Posse’ - 2nd to 5th November 2007 


The Cost 





Each entrant must raise a minimum of $500 towards the Childhood Cancer Association for ‘Bradley’s Place’ in memory of Bradley Walker. The funds can be raised from donations, sponsorship, or you could simply contribute the $500 yourself, it’s up to you.  The $500 minimum donation must be banked with the Childhood Cancer Association by Friday 5th October 2007 to be eligible to join the ride. Further funds can be banked after this date. There will be a prize for the person that raises the most money.


Other expenses 



Each entrant must also pay $150 to cover accommodation and back up vehicle costs including a few ‘refreshments’ and trail snacks on route. This money must be received with your entry form to confirm your participation. All meals and alcohol are not included and are at your expense. All funds raised from the public must go direct to the Childhood Cancer Association and can not be used for this purpose. 


The Route 



Day 1 - Friday 2nd November 8am sharp start 


Port Augusta – Wilpena Pound (lunch and refuel) – Blinman (o/night)


Total 309 kms 


Day 2 – Saturday 3rd November  



Blinman – Arkaroola (lunch and refuel) – Leigh Creek – Lyndhurst (o/night) 


Total 316 kms 


Day 3 – Sunday 4th November  


Lyndhurst – Farina – Andamooka (lunch and refuel) – Woomera (o/night)


Total 292 kms


Day 4 – Monday 5th November   



Woomera – Port Augusta (lunch and farewells) should be back by mid to late afternoon


Total 178 kms


The Terrain 



There will be a mix of single track (nothing too extreme), public dirt roads and some bitumen, unfortunately we can’t get around this but we’ve kept it to the minimum.

Any one with some dirt riding experience should be fine. As always please ride within your limits. Remember it’s a fun trail ride not a race!


The Bike 



The bike must be a Honda CT 110 ‘Postie’ in good mechanical and roadworthy condition. It must have current registration and you must hold a current motorcycle license. Any modifications are ok as long as it’s legal and still basically resembles a Postie.





You will need a minimum of 235 kms for the stretch between Wilpena Pound and Arkaroola as there is no fuel available at Blinman. A Postie will do approximately

20 kms per litre on this type of ride. Therefore you will need a minimum of about

12 litres on your bike. The standard tank holds about 5.5 litres so you will need a further 

10 litres to be on the safe side. This can be done by adding another tank; an old 10 litre XR tank or similar is ideal or you could carry a 10 litre plastic fuel can on the rear carrier. If you choose the jerry can option it must be approved to carry fuel.


Meals and Accommodation 


As mentioned above accommodation is included in the $150 fee but all meals and alcohol are extra at your expense. Accommodation is shared, good clean country pub style rooms with breakfasts available (there is no need to bring any bedding). Evening meals are typical pub counter meals and lunches will be the usual pies, pasties etc.  


What to Bring 


  • All riding gear including helmet, goggles/visor, gloves, jacket preferably with armor, boots, sturdy pants and don’t forget the kidney belt!
  • Hydration pack preferably a minimum of 3 litres or you should carry 3 litres of water on your bike
  • Tools and spares including tubes and tyre changing equipment
  • Clothes for evenings
  • Toiletries
  • Camera
  • Money  
  • Any personal medication 
  • First aid kit 
  • And most importantly, your Postie bike and a sense of humor! 

Back up Vehicle 


There will be a back up vehicle to collect any broken bikes and or riders. It will also carry your overnight bag with clothes etc., BUT PLEASE KEEP IT AS SMALL AND LIGHT AS POSSIBLE, some emergency fuel (you must be self sufficient will fuel), an esky with a few ‘refreshments’ and trail snacks for on route. It will also carry a sat phone for emergencies only, first aid kit and a few spare tyres incase anyone is unlucky enough to stake one.





This is a fun event to raise some money for a worthy cause so the last thing we want is anyone getting hurt. We will be in some remote areas and help could be some time away so please ride within your limits. We strongly recommend you have ambulance cover. 



Buying and Setting up a Postie 


Buying a Postie 


Ex Aussie Post Posties can be purchased from the government auctions.

In South Australia, Pickles Auctions, 1754 Main North Rd Salisbury Plan 5109

Phone 08 82859366 is the place to go, they generally sell for just under $1,000 for an early 2000 model with about 30,000 kms. I paid $915 including the buyer premium for a 2003 with 27,000 kms in June 2007. You can bid in person or online see their web site . Another tip is you can make an offer prior to auction and as long as it meets the reserve you should be successful. There is a buyer premium of $165 so remember to add that to your bid.


Postie Set Up 


The stock tyres should be replaced by trials tyres. A front knobbly is ok but rear ones are extremely prone to flats. Heavy duty tubes front and rear should be fitted. Wheel bearings, steering head bearings and chain and sprockets must be in excellent condition. Consider fitting an ‘O’ ring chain. Ensure clutch is ok or replace clutch plates and retain the old ones as spares, while clutch is out clean the oil filter. Noisy cam chains should be replaced and if the motor is smoky replace the rings. Don’t forget to change the oil and clean the air filter. If adding an extra fuel tank put a tube or some padding between the tank and frame to prevent rubbing. The original fuel tank has two fuel hoses running to the fuel tap…the top hose is reserve and the bottom is “on”. Connect the extra tank to the bottom “on” hose and leave the original tank connected to reserve. Both fuel lines should be fitted with filters. The key can be relocated to the speedo mount to accommodate the extra tank if needed.


More details and entry returns to: Greg Kipling P O Box 2052, PORT AUGUSTA 5700 

Phone work 0886423322 home 86426435 mobile 0419 708 164  


















Contact in case of emergency_______________________________________




Any medical conditions____________________________________________


Bike registration number___________________________________________


Please enclose your $150 for accommodation and back up vehicle cost with this entry form.  Please make cheques / money orders payable to the Apex Club of Port Augusta.

Your entry will not be confirmed until this money is received.


I acknowledge the following:


  • This event is a trail ride and not a race and I will ride within my ability.
  • I will not hold the organisers, the Childhood Cancer Association or Apex liable for any loss, damage or injury to myself or my property.
  • My motorcycle has current registration and I hold a current motorcycle license.
  • I will follow all reasonable directions of the organisers during the event.
  • Any person acting in a dangerous manner and putting other participants or the public at risk will be banished from the event.
  • I understand the terrain to be covered will be at times rough and my motorcycle is not designed to contend with these conditions.
  • All monies collect from the public or that form all or part of the $500 donation will be given directly to the Childhood Cancer Association as soon as practicable.
  • The minimum $500 donation must be banked with the Childhood Cancer Association by Friday 5th October 2007 to be eligible to join the ride. Further funds can be banked after this date.
  • None of the monies collected from the public can be used for personal expenses.
  • The $150 covers accommodation and back up vehicle costs only are non refundable. Any money not required to cover costs will be donated to the Childhood Cancer Association.
  • All meals, fuel, drinks, mechanical repairs and any other costs are at my expense.   



Signed ___________________________________________Date___________________


Donation Details 


See attached Sponsorship Form. Please follow the below process for all monies received from donations and or sponsorship.


Step 1  


Complete the sponsorship form(s) as follows. 


Event: ‘2007 Postie Posse’ 


Event Date:2/11/07  


Participant: Your Name 


Address: Your Address


Step 2 


Record all donations in the spaces provided. Advise the person making the donation a receipt will be issued to them by the Childhood Cancer Association, once funds are received. All receipts will be sent to you for distribution to your donors and or sponsors. If you are making any part of the donation yourself include your own details as you would for anybody else.


Step 3 


Bank all monies received to:


Account Name: Childhood Cancer Association Inc. Gift Account 


Bank: ANZ Bank 


BSB: 015 255   


Account Number: 348415354


Reference: Please use your ID code for all deposits made (this number will be issued to you)


Step 4 


Forward the Sponsorship form(s) to:


ATT: Kylie Vaughton 

Childhood Cancer Association 

P O Box 1094