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Easy Bike Finance

All The Motorcycle Finance Secrets You Need ToKnow Are Revealed In This Podcast!

Andy interviews Ian Read from a Motorcycle Finance expert from Western Australia.

Ever wanted to know how you could influence your credit rating?

Whether you can get a balloon payment on your bike?

Where to get a copy of your credit file?

The old saying” there’s a right way and a wrong way” certainly applies to finance and Ian tells you how easy it is to stuff up your rating by being a bit overenthusiastic when trying to buy your new bike.

Ian has 18 years experience in the Finance & Banking sector, starting his career in WA’S largest Bank where he gained valuable experience in personal and business lending. He then moved on and gained recognition of “Sales Professional” status by WA’s largest automotive group for his contribution as a Finance & Insurance manager.

It was while there, Ian recognised a lack of services available for people needing a professional to guide them through the finance process to purchase a motorcycle and to ensure they were getting the right deal for them. This is when Rev It Finance was incorporated, November 2002.

Ian also shares the best time in the deal to set up the finance to give you the best bargaining power.

There’s plenty of places to get finance but Ian shows you how to maximise your shot at the best deal no matter where you go. Ian is more than happy to take your calls and all enquiries are obligation free and at no cost. Why not give him a call for a chat and see if Ian can set you up with the best deal for you and your new bike?

Contact: Ian Read Phone; 089359 2646 Mobile; 0405653781

You’ll also find out the key information the finance companies are looking for and missing some of these can trip up your application big time.

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