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Airhawk Motorcycle Cushion Fits Ducati Monster.

I am a dead set fan of these cushions. I have travelled tens of thousands of kilometres with an Airhawk on the Harley and the BMW and wouldn’t head off without it. I also have the car/truck seat version on both seats in the Van and the utility Airhawk cushion on my office chair. Like I said I am a BIG fan of this Airhawk stuff. Once tried you won’t go without it. I don’t.

The Ducati was another kettle of fish as the seat was much smaller. I spoke to Tom Thornley the Airhawk Guy and he told me he had sold plenty to sports bike riders who used the small pillion model which I already had for my wife.

There were a few issues at first with the Monster, and once I overcame these it worked a treat.

Here’s how it looks on the bike. Shame about getting old and spoiling the smooth visuals but you can’t see it once my lard arse is on the bike anyway.

Airhawk on Ducati Monster S4R


As you can see it fits quite nicely and covers most of the available seat.

Airhawk Side View Ducati Monster



It fits on snugly with the supplied straps which have what I would call bra clips to adjust them. It goes on and off quickly if you want it to yet remains attached quite snugly. This means it doesn’t blow off if you lift your butt off the seat to stretch your legs.

In this Audio Review I talk about:

The correct inlation pressure.

Why the Airhawk works.

The issues I had with the Ducati Moster and how I fixed them.

Where to get one of your own. Airhawk Motorcycle Cushion

The difference it made.

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