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An interview with Andy White of Andy Strapz fame:

Motorcycle thermals made by a motorcyclist! You’d reckon they would work?

I interview Andy White of Andy Strapz fame and get quite a look at his motorycling world. Every product in Andy’s catalogue (a lot) has been born of a motorcycling need or borrowed from another country to benefit motorcyclists here in Oz.

Andy started making luggage tie downs called “Andy Strapz” because he hated “occy straps” and with good cause. As a nurse Andy had seen one too many eye injury from these cantankerous little suckers and thought there had to be a better way. Once his mates saw how good they were, they wanted them too, just like every mate. And so his business was born.

I even bought a pair of these first run straps while travelling through Geelong about 8 years ago and had a great run with them.

Andy needed saddlebags so invented his own! His Expedition Panniers have had rave reviews and have a lot of cool features we discuss in this podcast.

Thermal Underwear was a pain in the but for motorcyclists so Andy designed his own! The sort of stuff he would want to wear on a bike, and it seems plenty of others do too.

I love the AABagz and wish I hadn’t spent over $200 on the BMW rear bag recently. Yes, the beemer bag is good but this one from Andy would have suited my needs better. I just didn’t know it existed at the time. I recently bought a set of Rain Off Overgloves from him at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Expo and we discuss these in length and answer all the questions you might ask if you wanted to buy some.

In fact we talk about a lot of his gear all made in his own factory in Melbourne making definetely Made In Australia. He also backs everything with a no hassles satisfaction guarantee. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this interview with Andy. I know I enjoyed the chat.

Over the last 8 years I have bought two sets of piggyback straps and a set of Rain Off Overgloves from Andy and paid full price so I give you my no bull “spent money and tried it opinion”

You can check out his Andy Strapz price list here

If you’d like to browse his site click here: Andy Strapz Web Site

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I recently got the ABagz for my GS500 as I needed a bag big enough to carry my laptop to work. It’s fantastic - so huge I haven’t managed to fill it yet. I originally ordered the AABagz from Andy but found that my laptop didn’t quite fit. Andy accepted a return in exchange for the ABagz. He didn’t even charge postage for the exchange. Bloody legend!


Andy Said:

Excellent, I love the look of the A Bag and am intending on making the Tuorismo this October. It looks like the best bag to strap on the back of the monster. I reckon I’ll give it a go and review it then.Cheers