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Battery Doc: Don’t Miss Another Ride Because Of A Flat Battery.

Nothing worse than going to the shed, half dressed in your motorbike gear and hearing the dreaded “click” when going to start your bike. I mean, your all psyched up and prepared and kaboom, here comes the letdown. Phone and tell em all you aint coming or frantically try and poke some electricity into that dead battery. Both actions are unsavoury at that particular time.

How many flat batteries have done this to you? I know it’s happened to me quite a few time with the Harley Wide Glide whose name is “Wilma”. She gets called all sorts of other things though, when that battery doesn’t start her.

Thankfully these days it doesn’t happen at all to me. Not since the Battery Doc. In this podcast Andy talks about his experience with this charging accessory. He talks about his first encounter and the treatment he gave it and how not to treat your Battery Doc.  Hear how the Doc has also revived one of his batteries that should never have survived yet went on living for another couple of years only because of this charger.

Is this the Ideal Portable Battery Charger? I don’t know if it’s the absolute best but I can’t fault it. It’s  a 1.25 Amp charger for lead acid/gel cell 12-volt batteries, it also is a state of the art electronic switching charger. Apparently highly efficient, the charger seems to safely charge and maintain the battery at peak condition 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And it certainly seems to do that for me.

It checks when you connect it and tells you if you got it wrong without blowing anything up. It won’t over charge and charges in two stages, the initial charge stage and then a maintenance phase.

There are three charging colours on the LED display but I talk about them in the podcast and there are a couple of minor issues there. The voltage is also 100-240VAC making it ideal for the traveller. And considering it’s only around 100mm it’s not hard to find a place for it on the bike, if you want to take it with you.

Battery Doc

It's pretty small,which make sit very easy to use.

Battery Doc Kit

It comes with leads to hard wire your bike with and also charge your car battery too. All in a small tidy pouch.

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