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Review Of BMW Sport Integral and System 5 Motorcycle Helmets. Which One Is Best?

The reason I bought the System 5 helmet was, I dropped my other helmet and cracked it. It was a BMW Sport Integral and I got that helmet because my old AGV was worn out and the new AGV models didn’t fit as good anymore. I loved the Sport Integral, it was light, very quiet and fitted my bonce superbly. My only gripe with it was a very small orifice to get your head in. I guess that’s why it was so quiet. I did gripe about it cracking seemingly easy too, I guess thats why it’s light?

After dropping it from about 1.2 metres it cracked across the back, which pissed me off as I’d only had it a year, and they’re not cheap (around $550). It was the only time I dropped it.

I’d always wondered about the flip front helmet and decided to spend the dough (Over $700 ouch!) and get a good one (I hoped). I first noticed its slightly heavier but not noticeable after a while. I also noticed how quiet it was! Which pleasantly surprised as I hate noisy helmets.

In this podcast Andy talks about both the Sport Integral and the System 5 helmets from BMW and how they compared to his AGV helmet. If you’ve wondered what they’re like, you’ll find out here. They fit different, ventilate different and feel different, which one is best???????

It’s all covered in the audio.

 Sport Integral Helmet

Sport Integral BMW Helmet


System 5 Helmet


BMW System 5 Motorcycle Helmet

Click for the Audio Review below:


As a sidebar, after cracking it some said it musn't be much good? I went to throw it away and thought I better destroy lest someone else pick it up. I hit it with a hammer, again, again, and agai and again. It wasn't until I turned the hammer over to the nail remover side I could get any real damabe.

It seems the gelcoat paint is about .5 mm thick and this is what cracked. The fibre underside of that was as strong as a super hero. Had I known that I probably would have kept it and worn it. However by this time it was stuffed. But it did take about 10 full blown hammer strikes to make significant damage.


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Here's a comment from Ian Wilson..............................

G'day Andy,
you asked for anyone to contact you with their views of the BMW System 5 helmet.  After trying most other brands, I'd never use any other brand of helmet again.
The BMW fit is the best I've ever come across.
A mate or mine has a different brand - also quite an expensive one too & he says the  BMW is a bloody awful fit - I tried his helmet on & think it's a bloody awful fit - guess it's the shape of the head that counts a bit on that score.
I've got a new BMW System 5 helmet sitting in its box in my hall cupboard as a replacement for the BMW System 4 that I was wearing when a b*st*rd in a 4 wheel drive ran my down.
A group of us where parked off the side of a main country road & this idot just ran start into the back of my bike - which I was unfortunately still sitting on at the time, (ST1100 written off - 120kph impact) and the back of the helmet saved me being turned into a vegitable - - or worse.
The BMW System 4 helment was the best fitting, most comfortable and quietest helmet I've ever owned & I've been wearing most of the 'better' quality helments all the time for the last 40 years.

The new BMW System 5 (which still needs to be 'broken in') seems to be about the same weight and almost as comfortable as my old System 4 - although a few W.A. State Police bike riders have told me they prefered the System 4 over the newer System 5 .  Some of them seem to think the System 5 is slightly more noisy guessing that at 'speed'.
Haven't tried mine out properly as yet - only one short ride as a pillion - DAMN I hated being on the back seat !
Give it another 6 months and I'll know for sure one way or the other just how good this new System 5 helmet really is