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Buff: Over 400,000 U.K. Motorcyclists Can’t Be Wrong! Can they?

In this podcast Andy interviews Edward the Australian importer and distributor of BUFF Headwear. And discovers that this internationally available piece of kit is bought by 400,000 people a year in the U.K alone, and most of them motorcyclists.

YET! You hardly see them in Australia. Why? If you listened to my review podcast about BUFF, you’ll know I am a convert and love my BUFF. It helps cool me on hot rides, keep me warm on cold days and even helps the helmet slip on my head.

Andy discovered which BUFF in the range is the best for cooling you down on those stinking hot Australian summer days, and why it works TWICE as good as regular coolmax! Also which BUFF is the warmest and how to wear one or two “original” BUFF’S to get the best heating or comfort effect.

You just won’t believe how technichal this simple motorcycle accessory is! Considering it squishes up smaller than a hanky, has no moving parts and yet, will survive a gunshot without fraying.

Considering the “original” BUFF costs less than $30.00 I am amazed I don’t see more of these on the road.

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For the girls, here is the answer to helmet hair and in the podcast Edward tells how Morgan and Wacker had the local postie (girl) test the BUFF before deciding to stock them.

So, learn how to:

  • Beat the heat!                                                               
  • Stay warmer!
  • Avoid helmet hair!

With this simplest of simple and incredibly useful accessory.

And find out which State in Australia buys the most of the warmest BUFF’S. This answer will surprise you I guarantee it!

And all you BUFF owners out there, tell us what you reckon. Click the comment link and have a say!

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