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Draggin Cargo Jeans


This is a great review of the Draggin Black Cargo Pants by Vic Fkiaras. If you'd like to help readers out with a review of their own simply contact me and we'll organise it.

I work in the security industry and find that I need to wear black pants a lot as part of my uniform.

The black pants that I do have are simply dress pants. Not something you’d want to be wearing should you need to test the abrasiveness of our locally made roads.

Yes, I now ride a BMW with panniers and a tail bag that I could fit a change of clothes into but they are reserved for when I’m touring. Just nod your head and agree, right ?

I drove down to South Melbourne to visit the gorgeous Fiona and grabbed myself a pair of Black Cargo Jeans.

I have a pair of the classic Blue Denim jeans (Traffic) and let me tell you, when you throw yourself down the road in Tasmania ala superman style, they hold up pretty well.

These jeans have proven themselves so I decided to stick with the Draggin Brand.

The first time I put them on they were really comfortable. I’ve heard others say the Kevlar is scratchy and they get too hot yadda yadda.

Scratchy? Hot? Must have been worn by some princess to give them that tag.

I had a shift to do at Federation Square so I put the cargos on and headed in for my shift.

The day was really cold and windy but the added layer of Kevlar helped with the chill. The legs felt a little cold down towards the feet but hey, we ride so we are expected to be a little tougher than the normal folk.

Now standing around in a pair of Kevlar lined pants was going to be a fair comfort test for these jeans as they are made for riding, right?

Well after 5 hours of essentially standing in the one spot looking out for protestors, I had forgotten that I was wearing Kevlar lined jeans.


One of the guards that I was working for said, "mate, they are really nice pants, where did you get them from?" I told him they were Draggins and showed them the little yellow tag that is on the right hip.

Explained the purpose of the jean and how it’s full of Kevlar. As a non rider, he was impressed.

Once my shift was finished, I simply put on my jacket and boots and off I went. Heaps of time saved not having to change in and out of pants.

I also do security patrols with another company. I was riding into work and decided to wear the draggin’s to see how comfortable they are as an "everyday" pant.

Once at work, I jumped into the patrol car and drove around all night.

In and out of the car, walking around client’s premises then it dawned on me, I’m wearing a pair of Draggin’s and I barely noticed.

They are as comfortable to wear on the bike as they are to wear "all day".

I was thinking to myself, if I ever get shot in the arse or knee caps, I’d be able to write about how a pair of jeans saved my arse, literally.

I’ve crashed in normal jeans before and spent an hour in the hospital being scrubbed with a nylon brush until the nurse said "hey, look, bone".

I’ve never ridden in normal jeans after that episode. (Shhh, that time I rode in shorts doesn’t count, it was 40c and I had to work.)

As for the price, well, I’d rather spend some money than some time being scrubbed by a nylon brush.

Out of a possible 10, I give these jeans a 10 for comfort and fit.

If you are thinking about getting yourself a pair, then stop thinking and grab a pair. You will hate having to take them off.

Vic Fkiaras

Netrider Pty Ltd