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The Dri Rider Throwover Saddlebags Have Proven Themselves.

I’ve owned these saddlebags for years. Done many thousands of K’s with them and carried tons of stuff from lingerie to firworks and they’ve never let me down. They are about as simple as luggage comes for a motorbike. They are two big rectangles with some velcro straps that connect to each other and you throw them over or under your seat!

They are cheap so don’t expect waterproof as well but that was easily fixed with a couple of big garbage bags slipped inside. After that the clothes were dry as. If you throw them over your seat as I do it’s a breeze to get them off at the end of the day. I did some research and I’m not sure they are still available however if you see some in a bike shop and want a cost effective pair of touring saddlebags make them an offer. Here is the picture of the next version. The concept is still the same but it looks way more tricked up than mine.

Dri Rider Saddlebags


The new version, more pockets same versatility.

The only damage I have noticed over the years is thay have faded to a dark grey from their original black and a corner or two has rubbed through where it has contacted the bike. Bear in mind this has taken years and no eveidence of it tearing further has appeared. They are very tough.


Dri Rider Saddlebags on Harley


My bags are simple with one zip on top and one on the side. Just one big box!

The new saddlebags look trick and probably expand too. My old ones have a rubber lining on the bottom and a hard plastic insert in the bottom  to keep them square.


Dri Rider Saddlebags Straps


They connect with these velcro straps which adjust to fit almost any seat. They must be very well sewn because I have loaded these up very full and heavy and the stitching has not torn or come undone.

If the new saddlebags from Dri Rider are as tough as these then they will be great as a simple luggage solution for your motorbike.


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