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Earmould Audio Ear Plug Impressions After Another 3,500k Trip.

I used the Earmold Audio Ear Plugs on my recent Phillip Island Grand Prix trip and combined them with the music and audio output from my Garmin Zumo 550 GPS Navigator. So what did I find on this trip?

I reckon I’ve worked it out. In fact after compiling this podcast I bumped into a guy at the adelaide BMW Dealer and found he had been using them for a while and was pretty happy.

If you have been following the comments from the previous Earmold podcast it will probably come as no surprise he rides without a windshield and uses a full face helmet in non turbulent air.

I had mixed experiences this trip and experimented a fair bit to try and get a satisfactory run from the audio ear plug system.

Listen in to this podcast if your interested in these ear plugs because I think I’ve found the answer to top performance from this system.

Leave your comments by clicking the comment link below. There’s a ton of these audio ear plugs out there so please tell me and everyone else what you’ve found.

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As a sidebar to this: Written Many months later......... I tried the earplugs again and again. I recently pulled the audio tubes out of them and will silicone up to make traditional solid earplugs with them.

I tried and tried and could not get them to work for me.