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Folding Motorcycle Trailers Had To Be Interesting And They Are!

After reviewing the Easy Trailer from a recent advert I thought let’s hear it from the horses mouth. So I contacted Alex Meno the boss of Easy Trailer and got the lowdown on his product. If you are in the market for a bike trailer I strongly suggest you listen to this interview and decide whether you should put these trailers on your shortlist.

Remember I haven’t seen one in the flesh but the website is very good for pictures and Alex discusses the quality of the trailers.

Easy Folding Trailer                                     Folding Motorcycle Trailer

I grill Alex on all aspects of Easy Trailers and ask these questions and many more:

How long have they been around?

What’s the most popular model?

What sort of people are mainly buying?

How does it compare to a traditional trailer?

What do they tow like?

How do I buy one?

How does it arrive at my door?

How hard are they to put together?

Alex answers these and more questions and comes out of it pretty good. He certainly knows his product. I must also add I have no commercial interest in these trailers. I just like the idea.

For a full rundown wrap your ears around this podcast. If you like it leave a comment and if you own one of these, definitely leave a comment, please. Just click the leave a response link at the bottom of the post.

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