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This Folding Motorcycle Trailer Looks The Goods. If your looking for a bike trailer than you must read this!

For years I have received the H.O.G. magazines from the states and almost as long as I can remember there has been an ad on the back page for a folding motorcycle trailer. I reckoned it looked a great idea, a trailer you could carry one or two bikes on and then fold it up and stand it against the wall in your shed taking almost bugger all room, fantastic. But that’s in America, not here in Australia. Until now.

While reading a recent issue of Just Bikes an ad jumped off the page and grabbed me. There’s a company in Australia called Easy Trailer and it looks like they have nailed the folding trailer concept here in OZ. Now I haven’t seen one in the flesh yet and if you have I would love to talk to you and post the review here. But after scanning their website the concept looks a pearler.


Folding Trailer Folded Trailer in Storage

You can get the trailer in 4×3.5 or as a 6×4 and even a 8×4 then if your really keen they even do a folding boat trailer version. It seems you can configure the trailer exactly how you want it and can have multiple uses with easy bolt on sides, floors and racks.


Floding Flat TrailerFolding Box Trailer

Apparently this trailer brand has been going for 25 years worldwide so the bugs should be sorted by now. They even give 12 months warranty!

Now, I probably sound a bit excited about something I haven’t even seen but I’ve drooled over these things for years in the USA mags because of their practicality. You can have it leaning against the wall of your shed and within minutes rig it up to cart the rubbish, pick up a mates bike, cart some furniture and then fold it back up and store it away. Now if you own a conventional trailer you will now what a pain the backside storing it can be. I’ve got a lovely 8×4 rusting in the yard next to my shed because I don’t have room to store it undercover. Sure I could build a lean to or verandah but realistically that will cost more than the trailer?

I am keen to do a full review by interview on this product so if you know someone who has one email me  and we’ll talk by phone, record it and post it up on the website.

As for more information, their website is