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Don’t Buy Any Motorcycle GPS Navigator, Until You Hear This!

In this podcast Andy interviews Tony Kirby from Touratech Australia and renowned Two Wheels Journalist on recent articles he has written about motorcycle GPS units.

I ask Tony the hard questions like which is the BEST one! And what GPS Accessories do I need? What are the must have features?

I also explain to Tony how I want to use a GPS and will it do what I want?

There is a wealth of information in this interview as Tony has reviewed quite a few Motorcycle GPS units and has some pretty clear ideas of what makes a good one. He has also used them over many thousands of k’s of off road and bitumen riding.

Tony also tells you how not to waste your money by buying the WRONG one for a motorcyclist.

What bracket should you get? And are the ones they come with good enough? You will find out in this podcast.

Talk to Tony about brackets: 0357295529

We talk about the purchasing pitfalls, how important is the packaged software and will you need a memory card?

Tell me what you think. Did I ask him enough or is there something you’d still like to know? Leave a COMMENT by hitting the comment ling under this article and I’ll get it answered for you.

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I also have the Garmin Zumo 550, so I was wondering if you had the same problem as me, in that I can’t get rid of the crappy sample songs that come on the unit when purchased. I’ve connected the unit to my PC and deleted the files off the unit in the MP3 directory and added my own mp3 files in both the onboard memory and in the additional SD card which all work well, but the sample songs keep playing in alphabetical order in with my songs.
It’s a bit weird as I can no longer see the sample mp3 files on the GPS yet they still play. (X Files stuff I fear).
Did you have this problem as well and do you know a fix?
Anyway, many thanks for the podcasts as I enjoy listening to them heaps,
have a great day.
(Perth WA)

Hi John,

I hadn’t thought about it but now you mention it I did get some strange songs?
I asked one of my mates who is a bit of a guru with this thing and this is what he said:


I don’t have that problem at all. Do you? Back a long time ago, when I got the gps I deleted all the stuff I didn’t want including some pics using windows explorer. So that’;s where he should start. Next time I plug my gps into the computer I’ll have a look…but if its not there I don’t know what I’m looking for if yo know what I mean.


Not much help but there you go.

I went into mine and deleted the songs via my computer from the mp3 folder on the Garmin. I checked the song list by artist on the unit itself and they appear GONE. However will find out when I next play.

So whether that helps or not I don’t know? Do you have the songs displayed on your unit when searching by artist. One of them was a couple of dudes which started with A but I can’t tell you now because mine are gone?

I’ll let you know next time I use the unit whether they appear.

Glad your enjoying the podcast. I will do a session with Mike soon about setup of the Garmin. He has used it heaps.

Andy Ireland


Hi Andy,

I finally solved the problem with the unwanted songs on my Garmin Zumo 550, the solution was to update the zumo’s software to the latest release 4. The upgrade can be found at The update is simple to install as it’s an EXE file you just run in windows while your Zumo is connected then just follow the promps, all done and dusted in under 5 minutes.

Ava Good’n mate,