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These Helmet Speakers Installed Easily and Worked Well.

I bought and installed these speakers inside my BMW System 5 helmet and you wouldn’t know they are  there. They fitted that well. I had tried to use audio earplugs and they just didn’t work for me. I did want audio while riding to pick up my GPS directions. I had tried the Garmin Zumo 550 without audio and it was too cumbersome trying to read the screen and ride at the same time, probably a tad dangerous to me and everyone else around me too!

I wasn’t too worried about wires and have found an easy route for them on the R1200GS. One bonus was the 2 GIG card I fitted into the GPS and filled with music. The beauty of the wired speaker version over the bluetooth speaker option is you get stereo with the wired version and only mono with the bluetooth ones. So occaisionally a bit of music on the boring bits. 

Funny thing about the music was I found it distracting on the twisty bits, I much more enjoyed getting into the road and found the tunes annoying. I have discovered audio mp3 books and will download and try one on an upcoming trip to Alice Springs, lots of straight bits there.

I this podcast Andy covers the purchase process, fitting, wiring routing, quality, volume, value for money and real world performance.

You can check out the speaker web site by clicking the link below.  Check out the helmet speakers and other great electronics at

You can see the speakers in this photo  there is also a volume control switch inline. This ends up close to the helmet and seems to work fine. I found it accessible and easy to use.



Helmet Speakers

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