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Kaoko Throttle Lock For BMW K1200R

This is a guest review from Vic Fkiaras, Publisher and Editor of Netrider. Vic has done a great job on this and given some great feedback about this product. If you’ve got something to tell Riders about and lets get it posted!

Vic says: [XMLLINK0000000010]

I went from a Honda SP1 (wrist, back, shoulder breaker) to a Honda Firestorm (wrist & collar bone breaker, but that’s another story) to a BMW K1200R.

I opted for the K1200R purely because it was odd looking and not everyone has one. The decision was made a great deal easier thanks to it’s more upright riding position. The fact that it’s a Bavarian helps a great deal too. The wife says “the only thing that’s good about it, is the BMW badge”, then again, what would she know, right??

The bike is brilliant in every possible way, from the amazing brakes to its phenomenal acceleration.

It lacked one thing though. The ability to ride along and relax your right hand. The ability to take your right hand off the throttle to rest it, fiddle around with a zip or for those that are inclined, have a cigarette.

So being the geek that I am, I surfed the web and read and read and read reviews of different throttle locks and cruise controls.

Electronic cruise controls are definitely the way to go if you have a lazy 800 odd dollars. However, having just spent the money I did on the bike, the finance department (aka wife) was not forth coming with an additional $800.

So I ended up deciding to get the “pauper pack” if you like. A friction throttle lock.

I ended up purchasing the Kaoko brand throttle lock due to the amount of positive reviews from those overseas and some locals.

At $130 it’s a pretty cheap investment.

Once the item arrived I took it straight out of the bike and proceeded to fit the throttle lock.

Luckily for me I have one of those 345 million piece socket/bit/drill/torx kits. In that kit was a #45 Torx bit that I needed to get the screw securing the current bar end weight off. No torx bit and the original end weight stays there.
Once I had the old end weight off, I simply threaded the screw through the new end weight/throttle lock and proceeded to secure it to the bar.

All up the process took less than 5 minutes.

The Kaoko throttle lock has a grub screw that is used to adjust the friction wheel as it wears with age.

So what’s it like to use?

The manufacturer claims that it can be operated with your little finger.

Well, that is sort of true.

Whilst you can rotate it with your “little pinkie” it’s not going to happen when, if you are like me, lock it in the off position so it’s nice and tight with no chance of it rolling on accidentally.

I get up to the speed I wish to cruise at, let the throttle go, unlock the throttle lock and wind it on so it makes the grip feel nice and tight. Once unlocked, you can roll it on with your little pinkie till it “engages”.

Once it has engaged, you can release the grip and you don’t shut the throttle off. You can now work on getting it in the right position so that it enables you to release the grip and have a stretch.

This is the first bike that I have fitted one of these to and it’s not an easy thing to get right. The slightest movement of the grip either “rolls the throttle on” or “rolls the throttle off”. It is really hard to get it where you are just cruising. But once you get it right it’s a dream to use.

You can sit very upright, stretch, scratch your bum or do anything that you like knowing full well that your bike will just keep going at a constant speed.

If you need to turn it off, simply roll the throttle off or just unwind the throttle lock to disengage.

Simple, have I mentioned that fact?

I’ve attached some photos to show you the ease at which this item is fitted.

BMW K1200 Bar End


The first shot shows the old end weight.


Bar End


Second shot is the old end weight removed showing the screw.


Kaoko Cruise Control Lock


Third shot is the Kaoko and it’s allen key ready and awaiting fitment.


Bar end loose bolt


Fourth shot is the new throttle lock about to be fitted


Kaoko Lock and Allen Key


Fifth shot is the throttle lock fitted and the allen key in the grub screw.

Once again (and I can’t say it enough) it’s pretty simple to fit. Pretty cheap to buy and pretty damn good at what it’s intended role is.

The kaoko is available from many and various online stores. I won’t mention who I bought it from.

Hope this helps in making up your mind in purchasing one of these brilliant simple products.

Vic Fkiaras

NOTE: This product is similar in action to another throttle lock HERE:

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