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All About Touratech Australia, An Interview With Tony Kirby.

Wanted to know the most popular Touratech Product? Andy grills Tony Kirby from Touratech Australia to get the lowdown on what’s happening locally with Touratech.

Touratech is a German company who make over 3,000 product lines and generally their stuff is spot on A grade. Obviously an Australian distributor can’t have everything on the shelf but you’ll find out how much they do keep here. And these days it’s only about a three week wait to get stuff out of Germany if required.

Gotta tell you I’m a bit of a regular Touratech customer with recent purchases waiting to be fitted and reviewed. New stuff includes 35mm handlebar risers, and two GPS mounts. These will be given a workout on the upcoming Grand Prix trip next week.

Now, you should know something, I pay for all this stuff so there’s no sweetheart reviews from me. If it’s good I’ll tell you and if it’s not you’ll know too.

You’ll hear what bikes they mainly cater for, how to get a catalogue sent to your door and how long things take to ship. If your wondering what their most popular items are? You’ll find out in this podcast.

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