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Touratech Handlebar Bag 055-1228

Have you ever come back from a trip away with the mates and as your parking the bike and reliving all the fun bits you realize you either didn’t take a photo or should have taken more?

I have and have tried several solutions. The pockets on my motorcycle jacket are already full of earplugs, wallet, hanky, keys, cable ties and all manner of other stuff accumulated over time. So I didn’t really need to try and jam a camera in there.

I’ve carried my SLR Pentax in the topbox, which takes up a crapload of room, and anyway I found it was just too much drama to get it out and use it, when I simply wanted a quick memory shot. So, I had this idea! What if I bought a small digital camera and kept it somewhere really convenient and easy to get to, like right in front of me every time I pull up.

I searched for a solution and the touratech handlebar bag came up. It works fantastic and I keep the camera, small tripod, earlugs, rag, cable ties, and other stuff from time to time. It works, I get the camera out more often and take a ton more shots of the ride now. Same fun but more memories, and EVERYONE wants a copy of the photos.

Even though this particular podcast is about the handlebar bag for the BMW R1200Gs, the concept is universal. If you can find a bag to fit on the bars of your bike I thoroughly recommend it as a place to keep all manner of goodies handy, even something to snack on.

In this podcast Andy talks about how it fits, some short comings in the Touratech version and how to make it work better.

If you have a Touratech catalogue the bag is on page 285. Their price is AUD $42.44 from my pricelist.

Also here are links to a Wunderlich Catalogue their bag is on page 45, Andy talks about this bag too in the podcast. I don’t know the Aussie price of this unit. Can anyone help?

This bag is from Touratech and fits pretty well. I am not totally happy with the fit as I explain in the Audio Review.

Toura tech Handlebar Bag 055-1228


As a storage unit it is fantastic. I keep my camera, tripod, earplugs, flashlight and all sorts of stuff from time to time. It’s really handy having the camera right there and I take many more shots because of the convenience.

BMW Handlebar Bag


I put this tape around the bars to stop the rivet in the plastic bracket from scratching it. Could’ve colour coded it I suppose? Or may not been a wimp and let it go.


BMW Handlebar

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