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This Ventura Estoril Seat Bag Looks and Works A Treat!

The seat bag might have a funny name, I mean what’s an “Estoril”, but it works a treat. After picking up the new Monster S4R it didn’t take long to work out there was no room for anything, sunnies, sunscreen, earplugs, whatever.

( You could fit this to almost any bike)

I asked the Ducati guys about options and nada, zilch, no options on this issue. So I did some research and found a bikeshop in Adelaide (Bills Motorcycles) who had what I wanted to look at. How rare is that!

Upon inspection I reckoned it would do just fine, gave it a dry run in the car park and handed over the money. It was only about $110 so pretty good value I thought.

This thing went on like a factory accessory and in fact I went across the road to the Ducati guys and showed them. They were so impressed they ordered some to stock.

In this Audio Review I talk about:




Ease of Fitment:

Does it Work:

Here’s a few piccy’s

 Ducati Monster with Ventura Bag

 Ventura rear view on Ducati Monster

 Fitting Ventura Seat Bag on Ducati Monster

 Underseat Fitting Ventura Seat Bag

You can see it looks like a bought on and you can clip it off and on. Anyway I’ll tell you all about it in the review.

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